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126: Forest-Related Conflict: Impact, Links, and Measures to Mitigate

Publication date01 Sep 2008
Author(s)Ruben de Koning; Doris Capistrano; Yurdi Yasmi; Paolo Cerutti
PublisherRights and Resources Initiative; CIFOR, RECOFTC

Forest-based conflict is one of the major global challenges for the international forestry agenda together with poverty, climate change,...

127: Forest Tenure Reform in Viet Nam: Case Studies from the Northern Upland and Central Highlands Regions

Publication date01 Aug 2008
Author(s)Nguyen Quang Tan; Nguyen Ba Ngai; Tran Ngoc Thanh; William Sunderlin; Yurdi Yasmi

This study is part of a project implemented by the Regional Community Forestry Training Center for the Asia and Pacific (RECOFTC) in...

128: Whose Forest Tenure Reform is it? Lessons from Case Studies in Vietnam

Publication date01 Apr 2008
Author(s)Nguyen Quang Tan; Nguyen Ba Ngai; Tran Ngoc Thanh

Over the last two decades, Vietnam has made significant progress in forest tenure reform, which aims to meaningfully include all relevant...

129: Illegal Logging: Current Issues and Opportunities for SENSA/SIDA Engagement in Southeast Asia

Publication date01 Apr 2008
Editors(s)Mikaela Nilsson Rosander

Illegal logging and its associated trade remains a serious threat to forests and people in Southeast Asia. However, despite having caught...

130: Institutionalization of Conflict Capability in the Management of Natural Resources: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Experience in Indonesia

Publication date01 Oct 2007
Author(s)Yurdi Yasmi
PublisherWageningen University

This paper explores the conflicts between badly-affected local communities and logging and mining companies and analyzes how such conflicts...