Engaging people in forest governance in the Mekong


Resource Directory

Resource Directory

The Voices for Mekong Forest Resource Directory provides tools that help engage local people and civil society in forest governance.
RECOFTC Publications

RECOFTC Publications

The RECOFTC document repository represents over 30 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in community forestry.

Open Development Mekong

The Open Development Mekong and country websites are open source and open knowledge platforms, striving to meet emerging international open data standards.

Recent Stories

Stories of Change
Gender leaders in Cambodia are working to mainstream gender equality in the forestry sector. Forestry is associated with labour-intensive work....
Talk of the Forest
Ten Nie loves planting trees. In 2018, her family planted one hectare of forest. In 2020, they planted another hectare of trees—Hopea odorata, a...

Recent News

07 Nov 2019
Civil society organizations from five countries shared their progress and lessons on improving forest governance in the Mekong region at a learning...
20 Sep 2019
Civil society representatives from the Greater Mekong met in Bangkok, Thailand to share information and lessons learned on forest governance at a...



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