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1: Transforming forest conflict in the context of climate change mitigation

Publication date27 Feb 2018

This training course aims to enable REDD+ decisionmakers to understand the need to transform forest conflict and explore strategies to...

2: Free, Prior, and Informed Consent in REDD+: Q&A handbook

Publication date01 Jan 2014

This publication has been developed to provide support to local trainers and facilitators who are engaged in delivering REDD+, climate...

3: Gender in REDD+: A Handbook for Grassroots Facilitators

Publication date01 Nov 2013

The main objective of the handbook is to support local trainers and facilitators who are already familiar with climate change and REDD+. It...

4: Social Safeguards in REDD+: A Review of Existing Initiatives and Challenges

Publication date01 Jul 2013
Author(s)Chandra Shekhar Silori; Simone Frick; Harisharan Luintel; Bishnu Hari Poudyal
Editors(s)Naya Sharma Paudel
PublisherJournal of Forest and Livelihood

Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, as well as conservation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks and promoting...

5: International Knowledge Sharing and Learning Workshop on Forest and Land Tenure

Publication date29 Aug 2012
PublisherRECOFTC; The National Assembly of Lao PDR; RRI

An international workshop on Forest and Land Tenure Reform was held in Vientiane on 28-29 August, 2012. The workshop was hosted by the...