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Applying a Rights-Based Approach (RBA) in Forest Governance

Publication Date
04 Sep 2018
Ratchada Arpornshilp, Reymondo Caraan, Jonas Dahlstrom, Allessandra De Guio, David Gritten, Rejani Kunjappan, Kuntum Melati, Lok Mani Sapkota
Serial No.
Applying a Rights-Based Approach (RBA) in Forest Governance

The Rights-based Approach (RBA) allows local communities, or others who are marginalized, excluded or discriminated (the rights holders), to exercise their rights; and for institutions, organizations or other agencies (the duty bearers) to provide support towards equitable and inclusive development programmes that benefit them. RBA interventions can address inequities and disparities evident in these communities. In the context of the management of forested landscapes, RBA emphasizes the rights of local communities for fair benefits, access to resources, secure tenure and gender equity. RBA as a strategy can also contribute to more effective programmes that address issues such as forest deforestation and degradation, unsustainable land-use practices, impacts of climate change, lack of compliance with legislation, and tenure conflicts. These issues can impact on programmes working towards overcoming inequity and poverty.