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1: Transforming Forest Conflicts in Asia-Pacific: A Capacity Development Approach

Publication date01 Aug 2015
Author(s)Seth Kane; David Gritten; Lok Mani Sapkota; Linh, Thi Bui; Ahmad Dhiaulhaq

2: Social Safeguards in REDD+: A Review of Existing Initiatives and Challenges

Publication date01 Jul 2013
Author(s)Chandra Shekhar Silori; Simone Frick; Harisharan Luintel; Bishnu Hari Poudyal
Editors(s)Naya Sharma Paudel
PublisherJournal of Forest and Livelihood

3: Enhancing REDD+ Outcomes through Improved Governance of Community Forestry User Groups

Publication date01 Jul 2013
Author(s)Bishnu Hari Poudyal; Govinda Paudel; Harisharan Luintel
PublisherJournal of Forest and Livelihood

4: Forest Tenure in Asia: Status and Trends

Publication date01 Sep 2012
Author(s)Ganga Ram Dahal; Julian Atkinson; James Bampton

5: South Asia Forest Tenure Assessment

Publication date01 Feb 2012
Author(s)Ganga Ram Dahal; Krishna Adhikari