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1: Respecting Community Farming Traditions in Handling Land Conflict

Publication date01 Dec 2016
Author(s)Tran Viet Dong; Nguyen Quang Tan

A lack of respect for the role of local people in land use planning and local farming traditions have led to the encroachment of forest...

2: Balancing Rights and Roles of Local Community: The Way Forward for Sustainable Management of Forest Resources

Publication date01 Jan 2016
Author(s)Luong Quang Hung; Nguyen Quang Tan

Local communities and state forest actors, such as Protection Forest Management Boards (PFMBs), State Forest Companies (SFCs), play equally...

3: Bản tin Chính sách - Đổi mới Hưởng dụng Rừng ở Việt Nam

Publication date01 Aug 2011

Dự án này do Hội đồng Nghiên cứu Kinh tế và Xã Hội Vương quốc Anh, có sự tham gia của các nhà hoạch định chính sách, các chuyên gia lâm...

4: Realizing Forest Rights in Vietnam: Addressing Issues in Community Forest Management

Publication date01 Jul 2011
Editors(s)Thomas Sikor; Nguyen Quang Tan

In Vietnam, forests have been under state stewardship for a long time. Degradation of forest resources under state management together with...

5: REDD-Net Asia-Pacific Bulletin #2: The Role of Trust in REDD+

Publication date01 Nov 2010
Editors(s)Regan Suzuki
PublisherRECOFTC; Overseas Development Institute; CATIE; University of California at San Diego

As negotiations on the shape of REDD+ continue at national and global levels, REDD-Net’s network of civil society organizations has...