Tools and Resources

Global Forest Watch

Global Forest Watch is an online platform that provides data and tools for monitoring forests. Interested parties may use GFW to access real-time information about where and how forests are changing around the world. 

NEPCon: Nature Economy and People Connected

NEPCon is an international non-profit and partner organization of V4MF that focuses on projects, capacity building and offering certification services. 

WWF GLOBIL: The Global Observation and Biodiversity Information Portal

GLOBIL is a centralized location for geo-spatial data that supports monitoring and visualization of WWF's work in priority places around the world. It provides interested parties with the ability to share data, collaborate and communicate more about issues relevant to geo-spatial data, forestry, governance and the like. 

Land Portal

Land Portal seeks to build and information ecosystems for land governance that supports better informed decisions and policy making at national and international levels. By utilizing their system, organizations can bring data that often is under represented and difficult to reach to the forefront of policy making. 


SERVIR - Mekong is a geospatial data-for-development program that harnesses space technology and open data to address development challenges related to a changing environment in the Greater Mekong. Interested parties may use this resource to access information provided by Earth observing satellites and geospatial technologies to manage climate risks.


RFO - SEA is a  Regional Forest Observatory for Southeast Asia that enables parties to share knowledge, data and information related to REDD + in the region.

Open Development Mekong

ODI is a project of V4MF partner East-West Management Institute (EWMI) that stimulates public demand, builds coalitions and offers an evolving platform for transparent data sharing and analysis to improve sustainable and equitable development. 

MLike: Mekong Land Information and Knowledge Exchange

MLike connects people and organizations to enhance learning, collaboration and synergies on issues related to land rights in the Mekong Region.